Aktana’s Sales Change Detection module uses AI to identify sales and prescribing anomalies so commercial teams can proactively address market opportunities and risks in real-time. Watch this quick video to learn how.

Acting on sales data to deliver a personalized HCP experience is difficult.

Without a solution reps find themselves digging through data trying to understand the variations and what to do about it.

Many companies look to their IT team to write rule-based programs to help. But this manual-intensive approach does not accommodate the dynamic nature of the data or the speed of business today. The insights are often too late or completely wrong, leading to uncertainty. Reps lose trust in the generated insights, and the personalized HCP experience you are wanting to deliver, fails to happen.

At Aktana we understand that data is dynamic and analyzing it for market opportunities and actionable insights requires constant adaptation and learning.

Our unique approach to sales change detection, uses the latest AI technology. Allowing you to quickly recognize opportunities by alerting on changes or anomalies in the sales data. Even with limited sales data our AI engine provides insights into the right type and timing for your sales engagements to specifically meet HCP needs.

We identify micro level changes easily missed in other approaches. Then pull out the information that is most meaningful and offer up actionable insights. Allowing you to be more proactive and personalized in your sales engagement and overall brand planning.

With Aktana, you can choose to leverage our AI models or plug in your own. And we integrate with the software you already use for a seamless user experience. What’s more, Aktana gives data science teams a quick and flexible way to generate the insights your commercial team needs to take advantage of favorable circumstances or mitigate potential losses.

Aktana’s AI approach allows you to know when to act, on the right behavior, providing personalized value to every customer and increasing your Sales performance. Employ the comprehensive, cost-effective agility of AI technology to increase your performance in go-to-market execution.

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