December 3, 2012/Aktana/

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Aktana, the leader in actionable analytics for sales force effectiveness, today announced a new product suite in their quest to arm field sales forces with tools to increase the effectiveness of their day-to-day decisions. Aktana’s new Collective Intelligence Suite for Field Sales is an iPad accessible solution equipped with a unique sales suggestion engine. The Aktana solution delivers timely, context-aware recommendations on which prospects to visit, which products to pitch, which messages to use, and how to effectively coordinate with other channel activity.

Formerly called IncentAlign, the company also announced its new name, Aktana – derived from the words “actionable” and “analytics” — and a new website ( to more directly address the unprecedented demand for analytics that can materially improve the ROI of field sales efforts.

Aktana, which recently closed its series A funding, is building upon previous successes to assist leading Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, financial services, and high tech industries that are looking for new and better ways to improve sales force effectiveness.

“Sifting through and making sense of myriad considerations such as stage in the sales cycle, seasonal priorities, promotional campaigns, call cadence, competitor strategies, and evolving customer trends can be a complex and exhausting task,” said David Ehrlich, CEO of Aktana. “The Aktana system delivers contextual, targeted, specific recommendations to sales reps based on sales strategies and relevant experiences in way that maximizes the rep’s time and talent. Sales reps can now replace guesswork with what really works. And the more they use the system, the smarter it gets.”

Accessible from an iPad or Android tablet, the Aktana application helps sales reps to:

  • Plan their days with increased efficiency and execute their plans with greater effectiveness.
  • Identify the best timing for approaching high-value customers with new messages and products.
  • Instantly adjust to constantly changing realities with informed data-driven decisions.
  • Plan and execute sales activities in an optimized and coordinated manner with the host of other company-customer interactions.

In a major recent initiative, the company has had great success helping large pharmaceutical companies with revitalizing their sales functions to be more efficient, customer-centric, and impactful. In an industry that faces large cut-backs in commercialization budgets, increased competition from generics, decreased access to health care professionals, and continued regulatory scrutiny, new solutions for helping sales reps meet their increasing challenges are welcome. Aktana’s solution is a natural fit. It delivers actionable intelligence to pharmaceutical reps, in the office or in the field, helping them make better, more informed decisions throughout their day. And it keeps learning and adapting as the industry continues to change.

“The folks at Aktana are taking an innovative approach to a very important problem,” said Bernard Parker, Global Brand Director at Sandoz (a Novartis Company). “Increasing sales productivity and maximizing the impact of field investments is top of mind for most pharmaceutical companies. Changes in the industry are forcing companies to explore new, more efficient ways to optimize promotion of their products in the field.”

Company Formerly Known as IncentAlign Helps Companies Navigate Through Today’s Sales Challenges with Predictive Analytics and Unique Recommendation Engine