May 6, 2019/Lauren Schivley/Events

We recently hosted our annual Aktana Innovators Forum in New York City. The event brought together life sciences leaders for a series of discussions about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the new commercial model. 2019 will be a transformative year for many life sciences companies and the forum offered opportunities to connect with other like-minded professionals for forward-looking discussions.

Attendees came prepared to exchange ideas on approaching common industry challenges, harnessing AI-enabled technology in new ways, and answering critical questions, including the following:

Being more agile to better meet HCP needs

  • How can we change how we operate to be more dynamic and responsive to changes?
  • How do content needs change in an agile model?
  • How can we use real-time insights to better serve patients?
  • What does pre-call planning with the help of AI look like, and how does it change how reps use content?

Going beyond “next best action”

  • How do we make sure “next best action” is embedded throughout end-user workflows?
  • What are the key alternate interfaces for intelligence?
  • How can we use AI to better integrate sales and marketing activity to serve the customer?
  • What kind of training or personalization will help improve the rep experience and engagement?

Methods for measuring the impact of decision support technology

  • How much data and time do you need to effectively measure impact?
  • How do you use metrics to drive behavior change?
  • Is there a role for incentive comp?

Thank you to all of our customer attendees and presenters for joining us for a productive and innovative day of collaboration and discussion about intelligent customer engagement. This June we’ll be hosting our next Aktana Innovators Forum in Tokyo, Japan. For more on the transformation of the commercial engagement model, check out our recent webinar with Eli Lilly discussing the shift to agile HCP engagement.