Watch Ryan McGinnis of Eli Lilly and Company discuss the daily integration of brand strategy and sales execution made possible by AI-enabled decision support.


Video Transcript:

We’d like to be able to get to the point where we’ve got sales reps who are managing the business in a better way.

My name is Ryan McGinnis. I work for Lilly Oncology. And I’m responsible for building a capability where we take our marketing strategy and data, and we give next best step actions to the field. 

And enable them to better run their business.

The importance is that we are getting customer specific, rep specific next steps versus handing them a big set of data, and asking them to figure out how to run the business.

One of the biggest value that we see with this capability is the daily integration of brand strategy with sales.

And what I mean by that, the example I typically give is that the brand will get up on stage in front of the sales force, one of twice a year.

And say, “Here’s our new strategy.” And the sales reps will go practice, and then it will be 6, 9, 12 months before they hear the next step.

Okay, now here’s the evolution of the strategy.

With this technology and this capability we have a daily integration, because we send suggestions everyday.

So a sales rep can say, “I just had this conversation,” and now they get a suggestion of where to evolve the conversation to, and what that next step is.

That’s a daily integration of strategy with the field that we’ve never had before.

And we have it playing out hundreds of times a day across the sales force.