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Episode Summary

In this episode, we push past the hype and unpack how to successfully apply AI to complex environments. Aktana CSO, Pini Ben-Or, offers insights into technical, human and environmental factors that impact the effectiveness of AI systems. Plus, we find out more about Pini as a person, including his dream career and what he’s reading right now. 

Episode Notes
  • Applications of AI that are visible in everyday life (5:45)
  • What Life Sciences CIOs need to consider in regard to their technical environments before making AI investments (8:40)
  • The importance of Contextual Intelligence in the commercial process for Life Sciences companies (10:20)
  • The role humans play in making AI successful (16:55)
  • Pini is an experienced technology leader who oversees artificial intelligence (AI) and analytic innovation at Aktana. He has spent much of his career focused on improving business decisions using advanced analytics, optimization, business intelligence, and machine learning. In addition to being a data science expert, Pini enjoys and excels at building highly capable teams and nurturing a culture of innovation.