September 7, 2016/Aktana/

If you’re a pharma marketer, few things are more alluring than big data and the potential payoff it holds. But as our VP of Product Derek Choy explains, data presented without context or clear direction will only take your time-strapped sales force so far.

“In order for data investments to deliver real value, information by itself is not enough,” said Choy. “Key to success is synthesizing only the most important data in a format that’s easy to digest and understand.”

In a recent column for PM360, Derek discusses the challenge of data overload and explores how data science and CRM suggestions can work together to equip sales teams with the right tools to engage with HCPs in a highly specialized and impactful way—regardless of medium.

“Highlighting only what is most relevant at the time, suggestions identify data­-driven insights within the context of brand strategy and HCP preference to provide moment-­to-­moment sales guidance—and a more coordinated customer experience,” Choy emphasized. “As the number of communication channels continues to grow, having the perspective to maintain seamless continuity from one interaction to the next has never been more critical.”

Head to PM360 to read Derek’s entire “Expert on Call” column and learn how adding smart synthesis to your CRM suggestions can help you unlock the full value of your data and analytic investments.