Did you know that the average sales rep spends 24% of their time searching for data? And it’s no wonder. They’re expected to be more knowledgeable than ever in order to earn face time with physicians. Even the best reps need help to perform well in today’s complex environment.

Thankfully, there’s Aktana. Aktana gathers data from everywhere, finding what’s relevant, crunches that data, combining and synthesizing it, and finally delivers exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed. That information is conveniently displayed right in the rep’s existing CRM. While Aktana’s technology is sophisticated in the background, the software is simple to use for both the marketing and sales teams.

Marketing can customize which data sources and parameters are most important to create a data-driven sales strategy. Sales reps get timely insights and suggestions for specific actions to take. It informs them so they can make quicker, better decisions. And because they get relevant data from external and internal sources, they can stay informed and in sync with other channel activities.

The amazing part is Aktana helps you learn from behaviors and what appears to work, so your sales strategy is always improving. The results are staggering. Sales reps who use Aktana have improved their performance on average by 10 to 30%. Help every rep perform like a star by bringing data into focus with Aktana. Learn more at Aktana.com.