In this video, Karim Kovacevic, Senior Manager of CRM, describes artificial intelligence and its impact on the customer experience.


Video Transcript:

I think as it relates to AI and humans, this is not a one or the other, this really is how do they work (together)? How do they coexist?

My name’s Karim Kovacevic, and I am responsible for several platforms, Aktana being one of them, supporting the field with Veeva approved email and the CLM.

The customer experience, whether it’s through sales or whether through marketing, is definitely in some way, shape, or form, enhanced though AI.

To me the question is not so much when will it happen, or how will it happen. It’s more about how soon can it happen?

You make it what you want to make it. If you want to interact with Aktana, it interacts back with you.

So even if you’re dismissing but you’re telling why you’re dismissing, the machine is learning.

AI is learning. It’s understanding. So it’s kind of almost catering to your needs and requirements.

And I think that what’s been successful for us, and what’s been successful for reps is, those who identify that have made headway with it.