In recent years, the Life Sciences industry has heavily focused on Next Best Action (NBA). But is this enough to deliver impactful results now and in the future?

Hear industry pioneer, Aktana Co-Founder Derek Choy, share his take on why NBA technology alone is not enough in 2024 and beyond to achieve successful HCP engagement in our recent webinar series: 

The journey towards intelligent omnichannel engagement has evolved gradually, shaped by advancements in technology and changing consumer expectations. It began with cloud computing and data-driven approaches, leading to multi-channel engagement. With digital transformation accelerated by global events, the focus shifted towards content personalization and comprehensive stakeholder engagement.

Now, in the age of AI, the definition of engagement is evolving once again. Looking ahead beyond 2024, several key components are required for success:

  1. Future-Proofed Open Data Foundation: A robust data foundation is critical, providing a real-time source of truth that integrates all data sources and stakeholders. This foundation must be platform-agnostic, accommodating major decisions on CRM and marketing automation.
  2. Advanced Analytics and NBA: Advanced analytics techniques, including Next Best Action (NBA), are essential for optimizing engagement strategies. Embracing the next generation of these techniques ensures agility and ease of implementation.
  3. Optimization for ROI: Orchestrating every channel requires careful consideration of cost-effectiveness and stakeholder engagement. Maximizing ROI involves selecting the right actions, especially when resources are limited.
  4. Amplifying Engagement: Engaging stakeholders who may not always conform to expectations requires amplification strategies. Closing the loop and adapting to feedback ensures continuous improvement.
  5. Continuous Measurement and Adaptation: Measuring the impact of engagement strategies is crucial for driving business outcomes. Continuous adaptation based on insights ensures relevance and effectiveness.

In short, we have reached a point where NBA is part of a much more sophisticated tech stack for the next wave of intelligent omnichannel engagement.

Creating a Masterpiece

Defining intelligent omnichannel engagement in 2024 is akin to capturing a masterpiece—a blend of personalization, responsiveness, and seamless integration across channels. Imagine a canvas where each stroke represents a tailored interaction, driven by real-time insights and data-driven strategies.

Personalization lies at the heart of this masterpiece. Just as an artist selects vibrant hues to suit their vision, intelligent omnichannel engagement tailors interactions to match customer needs. Whether delivering clinically relevant information to physicians or engaging with various stakeholders, including account managers and patients, the experience must resonate seamlessly across every touchpoint.

Each engagement weaves past interactions into a cohesive story. Data-driven analytics form the backbone, providing real-time insights into customer behaviors and preferences. Every action is meticulously planned to maximize ROI and align with strategic objectives, ensuring each brushstroke contributes meaningfully to the final composition.

A Future-Proofed Data Foundation

As we embark on this journey, a strong data infrastructure sets the stage for success. By leveraging real-time insights and embracing adaptation, Life Sciences companies can create intelligent omnichannel engagement experiences that resonate with customers in 2024 and beyond.

A strong and open data foundation is the backbone of intelligent omnichannel engagement. Connecting all sources to all systems and harmonizing them with industry-specific models while unifying them, should be the next-level aspiration. Which in turn should lead to a real-time customer source of truth that integrates both structured and unstructured data, is secure and scalable, and provides insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and needs.

For an open data foundation to be ready for the future, it must also scalably capture and integrate content and adapt to reactions. Truly dynamic content is like offering richly textured images in vibrant colors that are constantly changing, instead of one-dimensional black-and-white images for all.

Beyond the Foundation

The next layer of the intelligent omnichannel tech stack is advanced analytics, including NBA. We must also look towards the next generation of these technologies, which promise to be easier to set up and maintain. Optimizing for ROI requires the orchestration of every channel, ensuring the right actions are taken, particularly when field users have limited capacity and face varying costs and engagement challenges across different stakeholders.

Building on this foundation, it is also important to amplify engagement with channel actors who may not always respond as desired or provide timely feedback. This ensures a closed-loop process. Finally, continuously measuring the impact of engagement strategies enables timely adaptations, ensuring investments yield the desired outcomes.

To learn more about what is needed for intelligent omnichannel engagement, watch our recent webinar featuring Aktana’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Derek Choy, as he shares why NBA is now only a starting point and a piece of the tech stack: