If you’re developing your own Suggestions, you already know how an analytics-driven decision support program can empower your sales and marketing teams. But keeping custom-built software up to date in a dynamic industry is no small task, especially if software isn’t your primary business focus. To ensure your Suggestions program is effective long-term, a specialist technology partner can mitigate operational complexity and enhance the valuable work your team has already done. Fueled by your in-house analytics, Aktana complements your existing investments to make your Suggestions program more adaptable to changes in strategy, current with technology advancements and complete regarding use cases addressed.

A collaborative approach adds value in the following ways:

Add advanced capabilities to your existing solution

An in-house analytics solution delivers a deep and nuanced understanding of your brand, workflow and go-to-market strategy. Aktana integrates seamlessly with your existing solution, including any learning platforms, layering in additional capabilities to support advanced use cases and functionalities.

Make strategy modifications on the fly

No need to rewrite code each time your needs evolve. Aktana equips you with a configurable control panel that makes it easy to make strategy changes quickly. So communication to the field, and ultimately the physician, is seamless.

Minimize operational overhead

Aktana can handle the day-to-day management of your Suggestions software, freeing up your internal team to focus their resources on data transformation, segmentation, ROI analysis and more.

Apply market best practices

Leverage our experience from more than 40+ Suggestions deployments. You’ll benefit from our pharma-specific data science expertise as well as how other customers have maintained ongoing success and user engagement.

Future-proof your investment and secure long-term success

In addition to helping you enhance your existing solution, Aktana can maintain it. We’ll keep up with evolving technology changes for you, rolling out new features from Aktana or other integrated platforms (like your CRM or marketing automation tool) as they’re released. With your analytics and our ongoing support, we can craft an elevated Suggestions solution that’s always relevant and consistently delivers measurable results.