Learn more about Contextual Intelligence

Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss how Contextual Intelligence enables leaders to learn, adapt and improve outcomes. To explore this topic, we’re joined by veteran technology executive and Aktana CEO, David Ehrlich, who provides insightful analysis of the role that AI and real-world context should play in the decision making process for executives working in dynamic and competitive industries. Plus, who is on David’s dream dinner party guest list.

Episode Notes
  • How Contextual Intelligence can be applied to to aid in the dissolution of barriers and improve outcomes between the sales rep and Health Care Providers (05:50)
  • The role of a contextual translator in achieving global adaptability (17:00) 
  • Early leadership mistakes David made and how he learned from them (21:00) 
  • Why our current environment makes the idea of contextual intelligence more critical than ever before (23:20)
  • David is a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran who’s helped start, grow, and lead numerous successful technology companies. He has extensive experience helping organizations of all sizes establish business models, build product/marketing strategies, and meet their go-to-market challenges – all while defining models of leadership, communication, and culture. Prior to launching Aktana, David was executive in residence with Mohr Davidow Ventures, CEO of ParAccel,and held senior level positions with NetIQ Corporation, Visual Networks, Inverse Network Technology, and McKinsey and Company, where he played a leadership role in the firm’s Asian telecommunications, electronics, and media practice.