Learn more about Contextual Intelligence

Episode Summary

As Head of AI Ad Product Design for IBM Watson Advertising, Robert Redmond is at the forefront of the intersection of data analytics and creativity. He shares how these symbiotic disciplines can inform one another and when combined, allow us to develop new and imaginative ways to excite consumers and leverage information. Listen as he shares surprising key findings from his career, why creatives should embrace—not fear—AI, and who he most wants at his dinner party.

Episode Notes
  • How ad agencies can learn to embrace and leverage the possibilities of AI without fear of human replacement. (07:00)
  • How AI can bridge the gap between strategy and execution. (11:30)
  • The difference between augmented and artificial intelligence, and why the distinction matters. (16:00)
  • What are the building blocks to context and how do you define contextual moments? (22:20)
  • Predictions for the next big AI “whoa” moment. (26:40)
  • Inspiring learnings from 9 months working through a pandemic. (30:00)