Field-tested decision support with proven results.

Whether you’re in sales or marketing, the goal is the same: Get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. It sounds simple enough, but data overload often generates confusion and hinders truly coordinated sales and marketing efforts. At Aktana, we’ve recognized that challenge and made it our own. Our response? A decision support engine that puts complex data into context, delivering suggestions and insights the moment they’re needed for stronger sales and smarter strategy.

With extensive field experience, an ongoing rep advisory board and some of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds, we’ve honed our product to reflect real-life dynamics, not just theoretical data models. It’s a critical concern, because when human behavior isn’t fully considered even the smartest algorithms fall short.

Nearly half of the top 20 global pharma companies already trust Aktana to increase rep impact, optimize marketing strategies and improve sales performance by up to 30 percent.

This is a field-tested, user-refined solution with proven results. This is our only focus, and it shows.

The Five Key Advantages of an Aktana Partnership

1. Everyone starts with data. Only Aktana starts with you.

Aktana is the only product that begins by codifying your unique brand strategy, ensuring that existing marketing plans—segmented by product, life-cycle or individual rep—can be executed straight away. The result? Smarter suggestions and insights that take every data source into account.

2. Aktana is the only product designed to evaluate the rep’s full decision scope.

In real life, context matters. When important variables are overlooked, suggestions risk contradicting strategy (and often, common sense), leaving the rep conflicted and facing more indecision than before. Aktana comprehensively evaluates the critical variables affecting a rep’s daily schedule—from call plans to HCP location to other team members’ activities— helping them make impactful decisions that take real-world complexities into account.

3. Aktana considers the full range of use cases that sales and marketing face.

Whether it’s helping reps better execute against call plans, coordinating the timing and content of multi-channel activity or guiding responses when formulary changes or product launches arise, Aktana provides wide-ranging decision support across a variety of scenarios. By delivering actionable suggestions (Is it better to send an efficacy email or accelerate the next planned visit? ) and presenting impactful insights (Are there any significant market trends to highlight on my next call? ), Aktana offers guidance and clarity in nearly every situation.

4. Aktana offers the flexibility to fit any initiative and the agility to adapt.

Aktana is transparent and easily configurable, so you can quickly modify your strategy at any time using natural language. If you think a particular communication sequence might be more effective, Aktana will test your hypothesis, encouraging reps to change their behavior and measuring the results. The technology is complex, but the user experience isn’t.

5. Aktana is rep-centered from start to finish.

Without rep engagement, suggestion tools are useless. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating a tool that reps want to use—one that advises, not dictates, and respects the nuanced on-the-ground insights they possess. From our pre-implementation interviews to our rep advisory board to our embedded learning platform that collects real-time feedback from the field, the rep’s voice is—and will always be—an ongoing influence in product design.

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