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Episode Summary

With leadership experience in both consulting and technology, in addition to his stint as a Pfizer executive, Frederik Bay’s outlook is Contextual Intelligence personified; he is both a witness to and a driver of the digital transformation of commercial operations in life sciences, a shift now drastically accelerated by recent market changes. In this episode, Frederik explains the importance of “taking a holistic view of the customer journey,” especially as that view is enhanced by Artificial Intelligence — explaining why digital-first marketing cannot match the impact of combining human-centered approaches with advanced technology. As a bonus, learn the surprising influence of his high school French teacher.

Episode Notes
  • What happens when terms like “omnichannel” go from hype to reality? (4:20)
  • Why recent market changes are catalyzing digital transformation and how this is evident at Adobe. (5:20)
  • How humans are ultimately the key to success in the life sciences industry. (8:10)
  • The factors and conditions that have come together to create a more receptive environment for AI, ML, and the ongoing tech-driven life sciences commercial transformation? (13:40)
  • Most surprising (and commonly misunderstood) aspect of the culture in life sciences?  (19:00)
  • Frederik Bay is the Head of Digital Strategy at Adobe where he helps the largest life sciences companies in the world grow through strategy, digital transformation and corporate development. Frederick also spent nearly a decade at Pfizer in a range of commercial strategy roles, as well as being a pharma industry consultant at McKinsey, and before that he earned a PhD in Physics from Yale University.