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Episode Summary

In this episode, we’ll be discussing Contextual Intelligence and how it has been applied to one of the most complex industries in the world, Life Sciences. Derek Choy, President and Co-Founder of Aktana, shares how early missteps actually led to a greater understanding of the importance of context for all areas of the business (1:40). We cover the importance of incorporating human experience and data when creating tools for sales reps. (07:14) We also chat through the considerations companies need to make when transitioning from a legacy commercial model to one that is data-powered and the pitfalls of thinking that AI alone can deliver what’s needed (16:16). Plus, we learn a bit about Derek the person, including his secret passion for stage magic (26:03). 

Episode Notes

Derek Choy spent the last decade developing and refining Aktana’s product, evangelizing the brand’s vision in the life sciences industry, and delivering product and services across five continents. Derek is responsible for strategic definition and scalable execution and he oversees strategy, product, customer success, and services.