Aktana Decision Support helps reps and district managers be more effective by connecting them to the right information when they need it. Much like we’ve done with CRM Suggestions, Aktana Decision Support focuses on synthesis, combing through the many reports, tools and apps that exist within MyInsights to bring only the most pertinent information to the surface. Easily personalized for each user, actionable insights can be configured to meet each brand’s needs with a visual, zero-code editor.


Unlock a more powerful way to pre-call plan

Powered by the same strategy-driven synthesis reps already trust to extract the most relevant information for each HCP with CRM Suggestions, this report delivers actionable pre-call planning insights with additional context and visualization to efficiently engage reps in a more impactful way.


Designed to emphasize key information and intelligence, enhanced insights are both highly visual and dynamically generated to accurately reflect each brand’s current priorities.


In addition to engaging with enhanced insights at a high level, reps can quickly access more detailed information about any insight, which may come from external sources and Veeva CRM. Filter by priority, brand, or date to surface the most relevant actionable sales insights.


Aktana’s Decision Support platform enables brands to account for the nuances of insights that will be surfaced to reps, preview the output, and make any necessary adjustments.

rep dashboard

Drive engagement with a user-friendly rep dashboard

Empower life science sales reps with a near real-time dashboard that provides the high-level visibility and actionable insights needed to track goals and deliver a comprehensive yet concise overview of territory activity.

Gain perspective

Which events trigger suggestions most often? How many suggestions within the workflow are new? Arm reps with a bird’s-eye view of territory trends to help them make smarter decisions informed by the collective experience of their team.

learn what works

When reps know how suggestions have performed in the past, they engage. See how teams have historically engaged with similar suggestions, and with a single click of a button, learn what the impact on goal attainment was as a result.

deliver real-time feedback

Place key operational and sales KPIs within easy reach so reps can quickly track their progress and communicate suggestion preferences back to Aktana’s decision support engine.

district manager DASHBOARD

Empower district managers with actionable coaching insights

With real-time access to key metrics for their teams, district managers can leverage Aktana Decision Support’s actionable insights to improve strategy and drive behavior change at any level— without waiting on monthly reports.

Analyze Rep Engagement

With the ability to analyze engagement at both the team and individual level, district managers have the visibility needed to accurately draw connections between behavior and performance. The dashboard reliably provides district managers the insights they need to inform HQ on their team’s execution of brand strategy.

Highlight Coaching Opportunities

Armed with this greater level of visibility, district managers can easily identify coaching opportunities and communicate strategic insights back to brand managers or HQ.

Take action

Without leaving their CRM, district managers can respond to dashboard recommendations and insights by adjusting suggestion priority, sending notifications to reps, making micro-adjustments to Aktana’s configuration, and more.

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