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Episode Summary

Today we hear from Nicholas Mills, a senior partner at McKinsey. Drawing on his close relationships with top executives across the pharmaceutical industry, Nick shares the inside story of the industry’s last decade. Hear about the cultural and process-based obstacles that hindered change before the pandemic—and the rich opportunities for growth that his clients today are better poised to capture than ever. We also explore the importance of human-centered change management, Nick’s surprising seatmate on a recent flight, and the way he explains management consulting to 7-year-olds.

Episode Notes
  • How the life sciences industry has evolved in Nick’s 13 year tenure at McKinsey (2:50)
  • Three ways to transform a company by embracing a more customer-centric approach (6:05)
  • Processes of the next normal and what needs to be reimagined in order to attain success. (14:00)
  • The importance of change management in life sciences transformation programs  (15:00)
  • Nicholas Mills is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company where he’s spent the last 13 years advising clients on a broad range of strategic and commercial topics including marketing & sales, commercial model transformation and business unit strategy.