Physicians today expect access to information through a variety of channels. Online, mobile apps, face to face and more. This means there’s great opportunity to develop business with physicians. But it also means there’s more to manage. How do you determine the best channels to use, know when to use them and what messages to deliver, all while ensuring sales reps execute their part of the plan?

Thankfully there’s Aktana. Delivered as an extension to your existing CRM solution, Aktana helps you put a strategic game plan in place. You define the channels, timing and messages and then Aktana automatically coordinates rep- and marketing-driven actions.

Sales reps receive simple suggestions and insights in support of your strategy. Like when to follow up on a physicians recent online activity. Marketing actions are executed according to the plan and paced with the reps real time activities. For example, if reps do not act in a timely manner, an email can be triggered instead. This means rep activity and marketing campaigns now work in perfect alignment. Best of all, Aktana helps marketers learn what works best by evaluating a plan’s impact and suggesting opportunities for improvement. You now have an easy method for optimizing strategies over time. Multichannel marketing is complex. Make sense of it all and make it work for your company. Learn more at