March 5, 2013/Aktana/

Aktana is profiled in TechCrunch, the leading bog for information and engagement in the technology industry.

The post makes reference to Aktana’s Smart Suggestions utilizing both a salesperson’s interactions with customers, as well as his or her company’s go-to-market strategy.  This completeness of perspective is essential to the platform’s value — real-time field-based context, company strategies, and available data about the relevant market and industry all factor into the live guidance that’s provided. The post states:

“Aktana is representative of a new wave of data analytics companies that in some respects can’t be classified according to any particular category . . It’s fluid and is creating new dynamics as interactions are analyzed and presented in the context of a sales call.”

We appreciate these insights, and agree that a new category of actionable analytics is developing to benefit field actions by factoring all available data into suggestions made available exactly where and when they can be most useful. Please check out TechCrunch for the full post about Aktana.