June 2, 2017/Aktana/

At Aktana, our goal is to transform reams of information into a common-sense narrative that enables life science companies to support physicians in a way that fits how they work today. As our CMO Clay Hausmann explains in a recent interview with Marketing Today’s Alan Hart, Aktana’s approach to marketing isn’t too different. In the end, it’s all about shaping the right story.

In his conversation with Hart, Hausmann discusses his story-driven approach to marketing, which borrows strategies from his experience pursuing screenwriting to tell an authentic, defensible brand story that resonates with—and respects—the end customer.

“The screenwriter’s process looks at everything from the perspective of how it will support the core narrative and impact the audience,” Hausmann explained. “When companies adopt this approach, it forces you to focus more on the value you can provide rather than what you’re aiming to accomplish as a company.”

Thinking about your brand strategy in the form of a narrative also forces you to take a critical, honest look at your identity as a brand. Can you define your key characteristics? How does your brand’s existence impact your customers’ lives? It’s important not only for market positioning, but also for deciding where you should dedicate your resources.

“At Aktana, we knew we wanted to be the most human-centric AI company in our space,” said Hausmann. “That could become pretty cliche unless you really invest in it, so we have. For example, we learned early on that if you fall in love with the algorithms, you’re going to produce something that feels like it was produced by a machine. But if you involve sales reps early on in your strategy and configuration process and use them as a co-architects in the design, the end result is going to feel right.” Why? Because the users were considered from the start.

If you want to learn more about applying storytelling techniques to your brand (or find out why Clay loves Die Hard), you can listen to the entire podcast here.