December 3, 2012/Aktana/

Impact Of Big, Smart Data Throughout Healthcare Lifecycles: Getting to massive amounts of content, from wherever people are, on whatever device is handy, with capabilities to intelligently process for better decisions — these are the elements of the heralded “big data” trend. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News has a great article on how these factors are impacting the medical field, and Aktana is cited. Our mention sets up the article’s crux, that “Getting data is only the first step. The true value arises from analytics that generate actionable insights.” That last sentence containing “actionable” and “analytics” presents the very foundation of our company’s name.

Big data is having massive impact on vital endeavors in government, finance and elsewhere. As the trend extends to healthcare, it becomes even more important to flawlessly gain better accuracy, timeliness and insight. We at Aktana are seeing the impact of equipping field forces to assure they reach out to the right healtcare professionals, at the right time, in order to achieve best awareness of and access to important pharmaceuticals. The key is not only access to huge amounts of data, but smart assessment to best support the needs of our customers. We have peer companies similarly making big data actionable based on analysis, in drug discovery, patient care and other crucial aspects of healthcare. For more, see GEN’s Big Data Won’t Save Pharma, But Smart Data Might