October 22, 2019/Aktana/Decision Support

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to the commercial process in the biopharmaceutical industry is rapidly becoming a critical success factor in organizations.

In a recent interview on The Bio Report podcast, Aktana CEO and President David Ehrlich sat down with host Danny Levine to discuss how intelligent technology is closing the loop between sales and marketing teams to enhance the HCP customer experience while curtailing costs.

“The life science industry has a ton of data, and they use that to make macro-decisions pretty effectively,” Ehrlich explains. Distributing actionable, granular data in a timely manner to individual decision-makers, however, is nearly impossible without support from an intelligence partner. 

“We’re here to give [life sciences companies] data on their customers in real-time, helping them make better decisions about who to talk to, what message to deliver, and which channel to use,” says Ehrlich. “We also give them information about what strategies and messages work across which types of customers and in which conditions, so marketing teams can constantly evolve their strategies.”  

David also shares his thoughts on where the intelligent engagement market is today and how he expects it to evolve over the next several years. Listen to the full interview here.