March 1, 2017/Ywan Karlen/CRM Suggestions

Last December I was fortunate to participate in Veeva’s European Commercial Summit in Madrid where I presented alongside Austin Wilson, Global Lead of Rep Orchestration at MSD, about Aktana-powered CRM suggestions. As an ex-Veeva employee, I knew just how exciting and educational this event is and this year was no different: just awesome tracks, unique peer networking moments and overwhelming attendance at our joint presentation track!

MSD’s challenges in orchestrating an integrated omni-channel experience via their reps were twofold: first in the strategy (i.e., defining the right mix, pacing and sequence of channel engagement, maintaining and iterating on strategy) and the execution itself (how to coordinate the information flow with other MSD representatives, manually triggering coordinated engagement, etc). Aktana’s suite of solutions delivers exactly on that: helping the Salesforce and Marketing execute on their strategy by generating the next best actions directly in their respective workflow, supported by Aktana’s intelligent decision support engine.

Through a series of initial implementations, we created a measurable set of KPIs that over a short period of time would indicate how successful (or not) the project was and give the green light to scale further. I am happy to see that all of MSD’s ambitious goals below have either been met or exceeded.

  1. Measure qualitative representative feedback pre- and post-pilot
  2. Measure the adoption of the solution by the reps
  3. Increase access and overall rep driven activity level
  4. Increase non F2F share of actions in the engagement mix
Take a look at the presentation deck to see more of the conversation.

At eyeforpharma in Barcelona next week, we will dig deeper into our work with MSD, this time presenting with Leigh Tyrer! We’ll delve into how AI and machine learning are transforming customer engagement and the measurements used to gauge effectiveness.

Will it be as successful as the last joint performance? I honestly don’t know, but why don’t you come visit us and judge for yourself? See you in Barcelona!