Decision Intelligence and Data Storytelling 

with Ganes Kesari

In episode 11 of Contextual Intelligence, we interview Ganes Kesari, Chief Decision Scientist and co-founder of Gramener, which uses the power of storytelling to help businesses make smarter, data-driven decisions. In addition to shaping the vision at Gramener, the Forbes contributor and TedX speaker advises CIOs on how to strengthen their data science programs and see ROI from their AI initiatives.

During the podcast, Ganes plays executive consultant and outlines best practices for getting started with AI and other advanced data programs. He also breaks down the “last mile challenge” and shares best practices for measuring ROI and securing broad-based support for your initiatives. Tune in to the full episode for a solid primer on data storytelling and decision intelligence, but if you’re short on time, start with our list of key takeaways below.

Key Takeaways 

[1:44] – The last-mile challenge: connecting data with decision-making

Data scientists explain what they have found, but they don’t often provide what users need to make a decision. Learn more about the persistent challenge that sparked the need for Gramener.

[3:09] – The three elements of data storytelling

1.) Identification 2.) Explanation 3.) Recommendation

[5:31] – Explanation + Recommendation = What users to make an effective decision

Find out why Gartner says decision intelligence is an area to watch.

[12:48] – Why your organization needs a data roadmap

The beacon for your AI journey, it’s the practical, iterative game plan that helps you start seeing value faster.

[14:28] – Best practices for getting started with AI

Knowing where to begin is a daunting question for any organization interested in implementing a new technology like AI/ML.

[16:06] – How to quantify ROI from your AI initiative

Measuring ROI isn’t just about gauging the success of your project; it’s also critical for rallying support around your initiative with internal stakeholders. What can project owners do to make the case for data science funding?

[21:19] – How to build cross-team alignment and buy-in for your new program

Alignment between internal stakeholders is critical for program success. Establish a clear owner while onboarding leaders across departments to establish synergy across teams.

[24:43] – Clarifying the difference between data science and decision intelligence

Data science, business intelligence and decision intelligence are often used interchangeably. Here’s the difference.

[28:53] – Why Ganes thinks The Three-Box Solution should be next on your reading list

Vijay Govindarajan’s book shows leaders how to innovate and execute by balancing concerns about the past, present and future.

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