June 18, 2015/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

Aktana was recently profiled in FiercePharmaMarketing, a leading blog for the latest news in the world of pharma marketing. The article discusses how Aktana’s Decision Support Engine uses predictive analytics within Veeva CRM Suggestions to help inexperienced and underperforming pharma reps make smarter decisions and maximize customer engagement. Highlighting the software’s intuitive edge, the post […]

One of the most common questions I hear from customers is, “what are the best practices for coordinating digital marketing activities and field sales activities?” This is a fairly complex topic and every company has a slightly different approach to solving the problem. One of the more common approaches is to get the rep involved […]

Which decisions made by the sales team can you control as a Sales or Marketing leader? Which can’t you control? The reality is that with a large distributed field sales force, your ability to “control” is very limited. At the end of the day, reps often do what they feel is best for their territory […]

August 29, 2013/Derek Choy/Field Sales

Convincing someone to adopt something new is never easy. Now imagine you are trying to get pharma field sales reps to use software that guides them to act in accordance with headquarter-driven priorities. Impossible? Here at Aktana, we believe we have cracked the code to field sales team engagement. We find that reps using Aktana’s […]

May 6, 2013/Derek Choy/Big Data

The big data movement has arrived with widespread, real-world use, and it’s advancing. Practitioners can access a lot of information, from diverse sources, and perform sophisticated analysis to help them anticipate what will happen and execute on goals. There have been notable big data triumphs around milestone events that develop over lengthy cycles. An example […]

Powerful analysis of abundant information is transforming the enterprise. Business Intelligence (“BI”) applications provide big data advantages to management teams. They can assess aggregated details to set future directions. BI usage includes micro-segmentation within marketplaces, and controlled experimentation with different strategies applied to different segments to find what works best. These are great endeavors to […]