January 11, 2016/Anand Desai/Decision Support

In the face of change, we must adapt. That’s the conclusion reached by the leading life sciences industry publication PharmaVOICE in its feature article, “Sales Reps: A Changing Conversation,” which features Aktana CEO David Ehrlich. The article explores the rapid evolution of the pharmaceutical sales industry and outlines what reps can do to remain essential to the pharmaceutical sales and marketing process. According to experts at Accenture, today’s pharmaceutical sales reps have more opportunity to play a critical role in the healthcare process than ever before: “Rather than the end of the saleforce era, there is reason to believe that the healthcare industry’s focus on delivering improved patient outcomes, along with advances in digital technologies, are creating an environment in which sales reps will be more valuable than ever.” To deliver that value, however, reps must take advantage of the right tools. With more information available than ever before (and less time to share it), the most valuable reps will be those who can identify and deliver only the most insightful information. “The intelligent synthesis of data will determine whether the HCP experience is personalized and valued or inconsistent and overwhelming,” explained Aktana CEO David Ehrlich. To that end, “CRM players are figuring out innovative ways to put the right data in the hands of the rep at the right time, in the right way.” Head to PharmaVOICE to read the full article and learn how strategy-driven sales tools like Aktana are helping sales reps stay one step ahead of the changing pharmaceutical sales industry.