Ask An HCP: A Candid Conversation

with Dr. Wael Barsoum

We’ve had many conversations on this podcast about how technology can improve the way life sciences companies support HCPs. But we’ve never had the opportunity to get the story straight from the source—until today. In Episode 14 of Contextual Intelligence, we interview Dr. Wael Barsoum—a practicing orthopedic surgeon, the president and chief transformation officer of Health Outcomes Performance Co., and the former CEO of Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Shaped by his 25-year career in healthcare, Dr. Barsoum offers up a firsthand progress report on commercial transformation efforts in the life sciences industry. Listen as he reflects on his best customer experiences as an HCP, unpacks the link between data-driven care and improved patient outcomes, and explores the shift to value-based care. Dr. Barsoum is a charismatic guest with plenty of perspectives to share, but if you’re short on time, start with our list of key takeaways below.

Key Takeaways 

[3:07] – The importance of maintaining a true north as roles and responsibilities change

Jobs change, values don’t. Whether he’s acting as a surgeon or a healthcare CEO, Dr. Barsoum always asks himself what decisions will keep the patient at the center of care.

[7:51] – How we can use technology and AI to win against the global healthcare crisis

In a world where 50% of the population doesn’t have access to healthcare when they need it most, the digital space offers hope.

[11:06] – The transformation that Dr. Barsoum is leading at HOPCo

How technology and value-based healthcare can ensure the right patient gets the right care with the right provider at the right time.

[14:44] – Less art, more science: using data-driven care paths to optimize the patient experience

What happens if we apply the same amount of data scrutiny and compliance expectations to treatment protocols that we do to the pharmaceutical industry?

[17:25] – So, how are we doing? Dr. Barsoum grades pharma’s commercial transformation

When he started his residency 25 years ago, Dr. Barsoum would give the industry a D-. Thanks to a growing demand for data, it’s gotten better.

[21:02] – What can life sciences companies do to deliver an exceptional customer experience?

“Show me the data. If you have real, objective data, then I’m all ears. If it’s anecdotal, I don’t want to hear it.”

[25:28] – How can life sciences companies best support a value-based healthcare model?

From lowering the cost of the commercial process to investing more strategically in R&D, life sciences companies can maximize patient outcomes while reducing the cost of goods.

[29:59] – If the doctor couldn’t doctor…what would he do?

From the OR table to the courtroom bench.

Bonus Episode!

[3:42] – Digital transformation is a must, but human interaction isn’t going anywhere

Relationships, trust and empathy still hold immense value in the digital age.

[6:39] – How the life sciences industry can move from a “B” to an “A”

“If you think your product is truly differentiated and should supplant the present gold standard—if you want me to be convinced of that—then show me level-one data.”


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