April 30, 2021/Aktana/Blog, Events, Omnichannel

In commercial pharma’s complex and channel-heavy world, emerging and mid-sized biopharmas face the same demands for customer-centricity as top-10 global giants. The biggest difference? With leaner resources and smaller teams, implementing a streamlined, efficient process for personalizing the customer experience is even more imperative for SMB organizations.

Using AI to Make a Big Impact for Emerging and Mid-Sized Biopharma Companies

Featuring candid, front-line advice from Sal Paolozza, Senior Director of Sales Operations at the specialty pharma company, Antares Pharma, this webinar offers a how-to for organizations of any size to efficiently add an intelligence layer to their commercial approach. We cover:

  • Why it’s crucial now more than ever for emerging and mid-sized pharma to deploy AI-driven omnichannel tactics
  • The importance of providing a seamless and personalized customer experience
  • Practical guidance for designing your tech stack to deliver customer-centricity at speed 
  • Best practices for implementation of an AI-driven solution—from data readiness to sales buy-in—direct from Antares Pharma

Available Now: Watch the Aktana, Veeva and Antares Pharma Webinar On Demand